JourneyLog give you a personal record of all vehicle journeys for your eyes only. This information may be shared with an employer, but this is under your control and even then limited to business journeys only. JourneyLog is the leading site that delivers to you personally high quality analysis of your journeys that was only previously available from more expensive fleet tracking systems. JourneyLog allows you to:

  • Produce expense reports automatically, saving time and effort;
  • Demonstrate to the Inland Revenue all business and private use and produces the tax reclaim form ready for you to sign;
  • Allows you to track private motoring expenditure by the type of journey (school run, kid's taxi service, shopping trips, holiday travel, etc.);
  • Record the time you spent at customer sites for invoicing purposes or other analysis;
  • Review driving habits, style and routes taken to make improvements on economy and safety.

JourneyLog does all this while delivering unbeatable value and avoids all of these costs:

  • No specialist installation costs - the unit is battery powered and portable;
  • No contract - you just subscribe for the period you need (terms and conditions apply);
  • No mobile communication costs - the unit logs positions to memory for later retrieval.

See how JourneyLog compares with traditional tracking systems:

  JourneyLog Vehicle Tracking
Historical journey reports
View journeys on a map
Automatic classification of journey types  
Personal expense reports  
Personal tax reports  
Personal tracking Fleet use only
Personal privacy protection Limited, privacy can't be guaranteed with live tracking
Travel time/mileage reports
Time on site/working time log
Business/private mileage log  
After theft vehicle recovery   Optional and insurance approved units have limited functionality
Live position updates Upgrade option
Web access to reports and maps Many not truly web based
Installation costs Nil £40 to £150
Monthly costs £1 to £2 £10 to £45
Maintenance cost Negligible 17% of true capital
Change of vehicle cost Nil Double installation cost