Fleet Users

Benefits of JourneyLog for business & fleet users:

Fleet users
  • Collect quality management information automatically (working hours, driving hours, calls, mileage, travel costs).
  • Improve efficiency through better planning and encouraging good working practice.
  • Help measure the quality of service delivery.
  • Demonstrate the service levels achieved to customers.
  • Record usage of pool vehicles.
  • From April 2007 the benefit in kind tax charge on company vans soared from £500 to a massive £3,500, unless you can prove that the vehicle is only used for business and NOT personal use.
  • The scale charge for unrestricted private use will increase to £3,000 and if an employer provides fuel for unrestricted private use then the scale charge rises by £500.
  • The onus is on employers to provide proof of use.

Authorised users may access a large range of analysis tools, maps and reports via secure internet access. This maintains a high level of security while giving you the flexibility of an internet hosted solution.