Private Users

Benefits of JourneyLog for private users:

Private users

Whether you go on personal trips or as part of your job, JourneyLog can help you keep track of each journey.

Company vehicles

  • Easily record business and private journeys in detail and summarised by the day, week, month and year (see how);
  • Automatically complete mileage expense claims (no more missed journeys or time wasted on paperwork);
  • Automatically summarise business/private use for Inland Revenue tax rebates (learn more);
  • Calculate carbon offset as required;
  • You are in control of who can see your tracks as this is personal data (if you own the device).

Private journeys

  • Keep track of family car usage and costs by each journey and journey type (i.e. school run, work commute, clubs & societies);
  • Improve driving techniques for greater economy and safety;
  • Help manage car share schemes for work and school runs;
  • Compare cost of car usage with alternative public transport;
  • Reduce the cost of driving by finding the cheapest fuel on frequent journeys and better route;
  • Monitor the driving habits of younger family members who may have recently passed their test.

Authorised users may access a large range of analysis tools, maps and reports via secure internet access. This maintains a high level of security while giving you the flexibility of an internet hosted solution.