My JourneyLog

JourneyLog allows you to classify each trip under headings that you can define. By applying a mileage rate appropriate for your vehicle, this then allows you to track the true cost of motoring by the type of trips you do. This will allow you to answer questions such as:

  • How much do the school runs cost me each year?
  • How much do I spend commuting to work?
  • How many miles has my son/daughter done and what's the cost?
  • How long do I spend driving compared to working at my destination?

If you invoice customers based on time and call out, JourneyLog can also help you keep a record of time and mileage so that you can account for your time, supporting your customer invoice.

Flexible Analysis

Flexible Analysis

The cost of motoring is set to rise steeply over the coming years so it is only common sense to keep an eye on the travel options. JourneyLog does this for you automatically.